Are you ready to Fall in Love with your home again?
“Your home should
make you happy,
reflect your style
and tell your story.”
— Jana Gebhardt, Studio J

“Style is what you do
with what you have.”
— anonymous


I believe a home should be a fine mix of pretty and practical…and 100% personal
so that it makes you happy You don’t have to start from scratch to
have a home that you love…let’s chat about how I can help:

My superpower is asking the right questions and getting inside your head
to understand what you love, what you want and what you need

I start right where you’re at…using what you already own to pull your pieces
together in a new way to help you start creating the home of your dreams

We will reinvent your home to reflect you and your family, showcase what you love
and truly tell your story in a way that is personal and so YOU

It’s quick. It’s affordable. It works.

You don’t have to wait for some day to start creating the home of your dreams…
contact me today, so we can chat about how Studio J can
inspire you with creative ideas and right-now results.

Get ready to…Fall in Love with your home again 
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